Renewable Market Adjusting Tariff (Re-MAT) Program

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ReMAT Program Participant Requests ("PPRs") must be submitted online through this website. Applicants must register with this site to submit a PPR. Re-MAT documents, schedule, and other information are available to the public on this site without registering.  Applicants must use the "Messages" tab for all communications regarding the ReMAT program.

A summary of information regarding ReMAT PPAs that SCE has executed (as required by California Public Utilities Commission Decision 12-05-035) can be found in the "10 Day Reporting Document" folder located under the "Program Documents" tab.

ReMAT capacity and price calculations can be found in the "Capacity and Price Calculations" folder

under the "Program Documents" tab.

Please note that all information provided regarding the ReMAT program is subject to change.

ReMAT Queue Information

ReMAT queue information, including the guidelines governing disclosure, can be found under the "Program Documents" tab. 




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